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November 7, 2021

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"At the centre of all what we do at Moni is our knowledge of our audience and how they interact with the solution we offer and the way our app is used. The newest features in the Moni app would make it easier for our agents to do business and build reputation with the other agents in their clusters."

Moni Wallets

Before the wallet was launched, loans were disbursed to traditional bank accounts provided by the agents and repayment was also done via same accounts. Every Moni agent now has a wallet assigned to them. With the wallets:

  • Loans will be now disbursed to their unique wallets.
  • Loans will now be repaid from their wallets.
  • Agents can save money in their wallets till their repayment date is due.

In-App Access To Support

Moni Support

Our goal with this was to ensure that all Moni agents could get instant help for any challenges they may encounter while using the app. This feature will keep the conversation channel open between the Moni Community and our team. We'll be quickly notified of issues to resolve and can promptly attend to the needs of every agent we serve.

Easier Dashboard

The old Moni dashboard was easy to use but we've made it even easier. On this new dashboard, Moni agents can:

  • See how much they have in their wallets
  • Monitor the status of their loans
  • See the exact day their loans are due
  • Easily fund or withdraw from their wallets

Cluster Repayment Day

Each cluster now has a fixed repayment day that all loans should be repaid and cleared. In this new update, agents in a cluster can request for loans any day except their repayment day. This new update will foster accountability and grow trust within members of our communities.

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