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June 23, 2022

Moni Logo

Moni is a fintech based community with the goal of empowering POS agents by providing access to capital. Moni is a pioneer of the Community finance (CoFi) model in Africa, therefore there was a need to clearly explain what we do and how it works to our target audience and the various stakeholders. So we redesigned our logo and developed our brand identity. The previous logo was generic and didn’t give a clear definition of what we do (or how we want to be perceived).

Communities are the building block of African culture and they’re at the heart of our day-to-day interactions with each other. So in coming up with a redesign, we asked ourselves some questions to give a sense of direction and alignment. How do we design for an African society without the cliche patterns and color, how do we design for trust or visually represent community?.

With these directions/questions in mind, we redesigned our logo to represent the people we serve. Our logo shows a community of people bounded by trust and a common goal. Circles are commonly used to represent a gathering, community and the earth therefore the logo was constructed from several circles representing PEOPLE who TRUST each other to GROW financially. The brand elements were influenced by the target audience as we want the brand to feel as local as possible. Hence the use of thick black lines and monochrome colors in the illustrations, stamps and outlined rectangles for framing pictures and text, duotones color and halftone patterns to create the moni effect on images. Finance was represented by moni coins, cash and  background patterns.

Overall we have been able to create a relatable brand which is flexible and trustworthy. Since we implemented the new brand, we have gotten several positive feedback from our agents and inhouse staff. We also got into Y Combinator (YC W22) as a recognition of the great work we do at Moni Africa.I am also proud of this project because of the opportunity to design for the African community without the stereotype design (Patterns and bold colors, which are not necessarily bad) we’ve been used to. I also got to work with different vendors across the country to ensure the brand guideline is adhered to in the production of our printed materials. Special thanks to my design lead Leke Ojo for the feedback.

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Kehinde Olasupo

Brand Designer

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