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Moni — Community, Updates & Growth

January 16, 2022

3 mins

Moni — Community, Updates & Growth

For a company with a name that reminds you of every tangible and accepted currency in the world, ours is anchored in our community.

In every great community, you would find:

  • Shared interests and belief systems
  • Trust
  • A common goal

These are some of the values that Moni is built upon.

To take a sneak peek into the community, you have to be a mobile money agent who believes that POS businesses are a crucial link in the financial inclusion chain. Mobile money agents operate as businesses; are quite established, keep their books, and focus on their revenue. To join the community, you’ve got to be big on trust. People should recommend you as a responsible and reliant person.

At Moni, we usually say ‘trust is our currency and that’s what the company and the agents tender for every interaction.

Moni Agents trust us to always keep our word, get our support, and keep the sharing economy running as we educate them on our community lending model.

There’s also a common goal — a collective dream that we would stop at nothing to achieve.

Following these three has led us to a New Moni App. We have worked hard on major features that would foster even more community growth among our clusters and improve the way the app is currently used.


Feature 1: MONI WALLETS!

Moni wallet is a personal bank account in the app. Agents will now get loans disbursed to their wallets and can withdraw it to any bank account. Loan repayments will be done via the same wallet.

There’s more. They can also:

  1. Fund their Moni wallet via transfers or card.

2. Withdraw money from their Moni wallet to other bank accounts.


The Moni dashboard was great but we’ve made it even greater. On the new dashboard, they can now see:

  1. Their current loan
  2. The amount they are to repay
  3. The day their repayment is due
  4. Their ratings and on-time repayment level.

It is now easier to know, monitor and follow the exact status of all these things themselves.


We run a community-based model here at Moni.

Our cluster model has helped us grow as a community and now, each cluster can even grow closer and more accountable with this new update. Cluster members can now only take loans on the same day and consequently have the same repayment due date.


We are bringing conversations close to home now. They can reach our support team within the Moni app with this new update. Once they hit a roadblock or have an awesome experience, they no longer have to leave the app to tell us.


This feature is to keep themselves safe on Moni. With the new Moni App, a profile will be tied to whichever device they log in with after downloading the update.

Once they log in on a device, no one will be able to access their profile from another device. their profile will only be tied to one device at a time.

These are new changes but the core of Moni remains the same: community finance powered by social trust.

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Adebola Williams

Brand Storyteller

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